6 Questions to Ask Your Designer during a Free Consult Call

6 Questions to Ask Your Designer during a Free Consult Call

Are you working with a graphic designer for the first time? Choosing a graphic designer for the first time on your branding may seem like a daunting task for many. Even if this is not the first time, you may have had an unsuccessful working experience with a designer in your past. This will make your task feel more difficult. Or only you are looking for a new designer to collaborate with for your upcoming design project.

Most designers these days offer a free consultation call before starting with the project. This is a great opportunity not only for them to ask you the right questions and know about your project better, but also a great time to ask questions of your own. This way, the designer will have a better understanding of your design needs, your brand, and your project. Designers strive to provide clients with all the information needed to complete not only your project but also an excellent designing experience. A consult call might become nerve-wracking for you if you aren’t good at improvising. A consult call is almost like a short interview, so below is 6 questions to ask your project designer on a free consult call.

6 Questions to Ask Your Designer during a Free Consult Call


Top 6 questions to ask your designer.

We aren’t suggesting that these are the only questions you should be asking your designer, but these questions are good, to begin with

What is the design process?

It is essential to know and understand the steps involved to complete your project. It will be helpful for you not to remain confused and know precisely what to expect, so you know what you are paying for. Make sure there are no surprises, and you see the design process thoroughly.

Timelines and revisions should be discussed beforehand. That is before the design process begins during the consultation call. The free call is the perfect time to gain clarity and ask any or all questions you have regarding the process. In case you have any further questions, email them to your designer and also ask for a Skype call if needed.

How should one prepare?

Have a concrete idea about your design project, what exactly you want to achieve with your branding project, or how the outcome should look like. This will be extremely helpful to the designer and the project itself. Be specific about your needs; be it the logo design or the images to be used.

A lot of designers give their clients questionnaires to fill up this helps in gathering details and information to prepare for their project. So always do your part by researching thoroughly if you haven’t done it already.

Who owns the design after it is finished and payment is made?

This is one of the most important questions to ask your designer. Do you own the design or is the designer owner of the design? This is a vital question because if the designer owns the design, then you might not be able to use the design whenever or wherever you need.

Before booking the designer read the contract thoroughly. Make sure you have the copyrights to the design. Your designer does and can have the right to use the designs in their portfolio. But other than that it should be all up to the client.

What file formats will the final project be delivered in? And how will they be delivered?

It’s essential to know how you are going to receive the final files and how much time will be involved in downloading them. Mostly designers deliver their finished work through cloud storage. They will also give you an approximate time limit for which you will have access to the file.

Make sure from the beginning that you are receiving the appropriate files after the completion of your project. For example, anything that needs to be printed, such as business cards, flyers, or brochures, should be provided to the client in PDF format. If it’s a website project, then the designer needs to upload the site using the platform the client prefers.

What’s the timeline of the design process?

Knowing your design project timeline is extremely important because you would want to know when exactly your project will be completed. This will help you understand for sure whether the designer can complete your project on your desired date. If you haven’t decided on a specific date yet then, this will let you decide on your official launch date.

Most designers have an estimated timeline already for each package. This will give you an idea, to begin with, if the estimated timeline fits your bill only then proceed further. You can also ask for a PDF of the timetable for your designer project after booking your services.

Follow up with your designer if necessary to know how much of the project has been completed and how many steps are left. This will also help you get an idea about when things are due on your end.

Who is your person of contact/designer?

It is essential to know who you are supposed to contact and who is designing your project. Suppose you have already booked a designer for your upcoming design project and they are supposed to design your entire project. And then you come to know that the particular designer outsources their work to someone else. That will be a disappointment. Hence knowing your designer is extremely important.

You also have to know who you are supposed to contact in case you are thinking of making revisions to your designs or in case of any emergencies.

Few Other questions to ask your designer.

How will the communication process work?

As stated earlier, it’s essential to know who your person of contact is, but you also should know how you are going to communicate with them. Are you going to use Skype? Emails? or phone calls?

For final revisions and meetings use Skype so that both you and your designer understand each other’s perspectives clearly without any misunderstandings. This will help the completion of your project smoother and faster.

What are the aspects included in your project?

Each aspect of your project should be discussed. Especially if you are going for a design package, make sure you understand properly what materials you are receiving with the purchase of the specific package.

Because nowadays you are not just getting a logo, most designers have collateral items included in their design packages. Are you getting a business card or logo, web design, video intros, blog graphics, social media icons? Make sure you have the list of items you will need for your design projects. Ask your designer if those are included in your package.

What is the payment process?

If your designer has their prices listed on the service page, then it will be easier for you to understand the payment process. But not all designers include their fees or the payment process. If that is the case, then you would want to know what the finished cost is. Even if you have an idea of the payment process, it’s better to ask and be safe.


Make your list of 6 most relevant questions because you won’t have unlimited time. Ask your questions precisely and use this consultation as an opportunity to get these queries answered and to know your designer. To be clear and at ease, you can also ask for a summary of your discussion through email.

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