Are you planning for a Website? Why not Try the Pay Monthly Websites Plan

This article provides essential information that can help businesses start to launch a website for their business, a necessary risk that can help improve their business operations.

When Planning for a Business Website

No matter what field your business is specialising in, maintaining an online presence has never been as vital as it is nowadays. For new and small start-up businesses, having your social media accounts for brand recognition and essential social media marketing may be enough. But eventually, if you are gearing up for a more successful business in the future, it is vital to have your websites developed as early as now.

The good news is that if you plan to pursue this plan and join the digital business revolution. Then, you’ll find that many web design companies offer web packages that already include design and build, website hosting, and even social media integration and search engine optimisation for you to choose from. So whether you decide to implement a simple business website for your company or an e-commerce web design, it will be easy for you to get the help you need to start.

The question is where to start or how to begin? What are the things you need to do to find the best web design company to help you pursue these plans? You may also ask about how much the setup fees will be. Do you have to pay monthly for a website? Or do you need to pay for an upfront cost? Will there be any hidden fees? I’m sure you have any questions about the process in setting up a website for your existing business, so here are some pointers that you need to take note of before pushing through with your website plans.

Where to look for a Web Design Company

The first question that we need to address is where to look for a web design company. The answer is straightforward. You just need to open up your computer’s browser or even a mobile browser and search for a Web Design Company. As they offer Web design and development, you will likely find their website online.

Browse through the results and check the services they offer to see if they have what you need. Here are some essential feature that you need to take into account in making your decision:

Domain Name

A domain name is a URL, or the link users see at the search bar when they visit your website. Domain names are used in various networking contexts and for application-specific naming and addressing purposes.

It would be best if you had this for more online visibility and branding. It also helps your customers or followers find your website easily. Usually, these are included in website packages.

SSL Certificate

This is a must for e-commerce websites to protect sensitive data as the information you enter can be intercepted by a hacker on an insecure website.

Pricing for SSL Certificates. But it ranges from £49 to £149 depending on your payment scheme.

Website Hosting

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organisations to make their website accessible on the web. Hosting is basically where the information on your websites will be stored in the virtual world.

Website hosting is a must for any website to go live. It is usually offered for free in some website design packages, but if it isn’t, pricing ranges are generally around £25 monthly or £100 annually. If this is too much to handle, some companies also offer website hosting sharing.

Content Management System

A Content Management System (CMS) is a platform used by large or mid-sized businesses to manage the content being released on websites such as blogs and tutorial videos. Small businesses who have basic website features do not usually find the need for one. CMS is typically used for enterprise content management and web content management.

CMS is also offered free in website packages as it will be hard to have it installed separately.

Other Web Design Elements

Some added features or services are being offered as an add on to website packages. Mostly these are the ones that contribute to the design of the website. You can skip if your only goal is to have a functional website for your business. It also incurs additional costs nut offers vary depending on the website company you are in contact with, so make sure you clarify this when you lay down your website requirements.

Once you find the best company that suits your business needs, look for their Contact Us Form and submit an inquiry. Depending on their response time, they usually send an email to provide further information about their offer. You may discuss your requirements with them until you reach an agreement, or you may look for other offers in case you didn’t. But the point is, everything that you need to get things started is just out there, you have to take the first step.

Average Expenses Incurred

It is understandable that for most businesses, especially those that are just starting to get on their feet, the primary concern in making decisions is money or the cost of what they plan to do. Here’s a rough estimate of how much web design and development will cost each business type when payment is made upfront depending on your business’s size.

The cost for a corporate website for LARGE BUSINESS includes ranges from £10,000 to £20,000, which usually consists of approximately a hundred pages. MID-LEVEL OPERATIONS, which are more likely to utilise a commercial website with 25 up to 75 pages, costs around £5,000 to £7,500. But a website with less than 20 pages and only contains necessary information with limited customisation is the most suitable for START-UPS. It usually costs around £500 to £1500 only. Sometimes, a website where customers can browse and purchase products is needed for an E-COMMERCE website. Prices range from £1000 to £2500 to allow 100 to 1000 products to be included in the gallery section but can reach £2,000 to £5,000 if the site requires a database-driven website with 20-2000 pages.

Alternative Options: Self-Administered Websites or for Pay Monthly Websites

If the expenses provided above seem to be a bit expensive for you, you may opt for a self-administered website as an alternative. There are many platforms such as WordPress that allow you to do this and all you need for payment is a one time upfront payment and hosting fee. You may also buy your domain name at an affordable price and rent it annually.

However, you have to consider that you’ll need to oversee the web design and layout yourselves in choosing this option. You’ll need the technical know-how to navigate CMS editors and at least some basic knowledge in HTML, CSS, MySQL, Java, and other web design tools to properly manage the website on your own, not to mention thinking about design, graphics, and content. If you are not equipped with these skills, you might be hiring a website specialist in the end, and this means additional cost for you. Just think about this to see if this setup will work out for you,

Meanwhile, another possible option if paying upfront is not exactly the ideal choice for your business is to pay monthly for your website design and development. In this setup, instead of an upfront cost, you have the leeway to issue monthly payment for website services.

Benefits of Pay Monthly Website Packages

Paying on a monthly website plan instead of releasing all your hard-earned money at once can be more comfortable to accommodate. This plan is especially true for those businesses who are still in the early phases of their business operations. Here are some of the reasons why.

No Upfront Fees Involved

The reason why upfront payment for business starters seems to be a scary idea is that they are still in the early process of maintaining their cash flow for everyday business operations to grow. If they decide to make a one-time payment for something they are still unsure of, they are taking on a significant risk that might put their business operations on edge. Having the option for a month-to-month service provides a lesser threat with no long-term commitment that they need to uphold.

Balances your Cash Flow

As mentioned previously, positioning your business in the early process of maintaining the balance sheets and monitoring the cash flow for everyday business operations makes it hard for business starters to release a big lump of money. By choosing to pay monthly for a website alternative, business owners can ensure their monthly budget is intact even if they set out to achieve their website plans.

You Get Monthly Service for Free

Regular service is just an additional perk that cannot be avoided because of the monthly payment website design setup — you get free maintenance every month!

Build-in SEO analysis and optimisation tools included.

This part is a case-to-case basis that is negotiated between the web design company and the business owners.

Less Risk for the Existing Business

Entering an agreement to make a one-time payment for something unfamiliar means taking on significant risk for business starters who are just starting to stabilise their business operations. As mentioned earlier, having the option for a month-to-month service provides a lesser threat with no long-term commitment that they need to uphold.

Where to Find the Best Pay Monthly Websites

Choosing a reliable and professional web design company can be hard enough. How much more will it be to find what websites have a buy now pay later offer. But don’t fret so much because similar to finding the best website company, all the information you’ll need will be available just by searching online. Just reach out to them and ask for a quick quote of their services to get started.

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