How Much For Designing A Logo

How Much For Designing A Logo

The Symantec Brand and Acquisition logo cost $1.28 million, while Coca-Cola, Google, and Microsoft got their first logo designs for free. The Twitter bird cost $15, and Nike cost $35. What influences the cost of designing a logo? Is it possible that old companies used cheap logos because the technology was still in its infancy?

Factors that affect the price of designing a logo

  • Creation process – The cheapest logos by the most prominent brands used the least technical graphic editors and publishing services.
  • Designer skill – An experienced logo designer spends years crafting the talent and will usually match each section of the logo a message of your brand. It is only rightful that they charge a reasonable high fee.
  • Area code – London is the central hub of Europe’s high-end living. It is indisputable that most designers will charge a higher fee to price the city’s life.
  • Service package – Some designers are aware of several additional corporate services that will improve your logo’s efficiency. You will pay more for logo inclusions in your letterhead, brand book, envelope, and other documentation.

What is the exact cost of designing a logo with Website Digital?

Simple design

Simple logo designs cost an average of $100. The simple design could be a name, mark, or pattern. However, you are only likely to pay $100 when you outsource offshore designers. The best offshore designer will cost you up to $500 for a clear, readable, and professional design. It is only possible to use $100 or less when you edit a template or use software for a simple DIY project.

Average design

An intermediate design has mildly intricate patterns and fonts. You may get several conceptual suggestions that range between $400 and $700.

Complicated design

The custom complicated logo requires up to $1000. These designs have the professional input of a team of designers with the right blend of shapes, colors, typography, and technical knowledge. You will have full ownership of the logo and the option to alter the design’s font, color scheme, and file format. Most complex logos are typically executable by a design agency.

How much for designing a logo with a design agency

We have a team of professionals who deliver a complete range of services in one logo design project. We may include prints, corporate guides, social media design packages, and many more. Most design agencies charge an average of $2500 for one logo design project. Some will hit the $10,000 mark when they work on complicated designs.

Some design agencies charge different prices for online or brick and mortar stores. The small online business could attract a $2500 fee while the brick and mortar store will attract up to $5000. The fixed price reflects many different qualities by the agency. A complicated logo needs the best software available to create the best photography, fonts, typography, voice messaging, and illustration style.

There are several logo design agencies and freelancers with different price points. While you are sure to find one with an agreeable fee, it is best to work with an agency that guarantees quality and timeliness, among other benefits. Contact our team via 0203 4886965 for more details.


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How Much For Designing A Logo
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